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Helping a Student

Student Assessments

Data-driven and visually-rich images making student assessments easy to understand are one key element to engage students, parents and teachers. This is the place you will come to see how our district students are performing. Graphs below are sample images of how this resource may look. 

Track student test performance by school, subject, and teacher

Unlike static education-reporting tools, this dashboard allows any teacher in the district to track test performance over time by class and by student. The left table identifies outliers on the most recent test, alerting teachers to students who need extra help. This view updates automatically every time new test results are loaded into the database.

Data-Driven Schools

Education institutions and school systems are now facing a number of critical considerations around reshaping the education landscape. Whether it’s preparing for reopening, transitioning to online learning models, or ensuring students' needs are met, they need trusted data to support their decisions throughout their journey. Tableau can empower schools and institutions at any stage with data-driven decision-making.

Compare school performance, share your findings

The powerful analytic features in Tableau Desktop can empower your team to find the trends and insight that are valuable to your schools.

You can amplify that power with Tableau Server, which allows you to easily publish and share an interactive report with as many people as you'd like. Simply publish and send a link to anyone who has an interest. As long as the recipient has been granted permission, he or she can view the report from anywhere.

You won't have to struggle for hours to create and share reports handmade for every single consumer. Simply connect Tableau to your data, create, and publish.


Schools have a lot if insight hidden in their data —but they don’t have time or resources to use arcane analytics to try and find it. Data needs to be accessible, and easy for everyone. Tableau makes it simple for educators and administrators to ask sophisticated questions, get actionable answers, and share their findings easily online. It’s also a powerful learning tool in the classroom—easy for educators and students to use yet directly applicable in the world of work. Best of all, Tableau is free for active students and instructors.

Identify and monitor underperforming students (and staff)

This dashboard helps teachers track student performance. It uses yellow and red highlights for missing and late assignments, making it easy to identify underperforming students. Teachers can also drill down to each student and see more granular data on individual performance.

Whitepaper: Five Dashboards Improving Student Achievement

With every student’s academic potential living at the center of their own unique situation, data insights have become essential for improving performance and graduation rates.

Innovative districts and schools of all sizes are finding actionable information in their data with five specific types of dashboards.

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