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Proven & Experienced

  • Served two terms and appointed by two NH governors to NH professional board.
  • Served Town of Ossipee and NH Department of Transportation as Commissioner on local bridge construction project.
  • Eighteen years owning and operating a small retail medical practice in Wolfeboro and North Conway.
  • Mother to a high-school senior and eighth grader in GWRSD schools.
  • No political affiliation - Registered undeclared voter.
  • Straight-talking, liberty-minded, logic-based reasoning skills.


Hello, I'm Jessica.



I graduated from Kingswood Regional High School in June of 1999, the second oldest in a family of six children. After high school, I moved to Boston where I attended Northeastern University and then realized my dream of living in New York City. There, my mind was opened to a new world of cuisine, culture, film, music -- and in 2001 a political reality that would forever change me. I moved back to Wolfeboro shortly after 9/11 and joined the family business and started to raise my young family. I have owned and operated my hearing healthcare practice for over eighteen years, working in both private practice and hospital setting where I conducted a financial/efficiency audit of the audiology department and provided consulting services to a multi-hospital healthcare system. I have served two terms and have been appointed under two different New Hampshire governors to my state professional board. Also, I have served the Town of Ossipee and the New Hampshire Department of Transportation as a Commissioner for the Ossipee Bridges project. These unique positions have provided and tasked me with understanding, from a legal and ethics perspective, what it takes to serve the public and to run a financially solvent organization.


Aside from my professional background, I am also a mother to two children who attend Governor Wentworth Regional School District schools. My daughter is a high-school senior at Kingswood and she will soon be headed to college to pursue a nursing degree. I could not be more proud of her hard work and persistence while also playing varsity sports, volunteering, and keeping a job. I will selfishly miss having my helper who drives her younger brother to  sports practices, keeps the family monthly calendar up-to-date, and goes to the solid waste facility each week. You may know her as the student representative on the GWRSD School Board and chances are, she knows your favorite ice cream flavor from summers scooping at Bailey's Bubble.

My son is in 8th grade and is a three-season athlete. He plays golf, ice hockey, and lacrosse. He was homeschooled for a short period when our school district was in hybrid remote-learning mode. I think it is safe to say that homeschooling was both empowering and frustrating for both of us. I loved the ability to contribute to my child's success, but also felt distinctly guilty over any perceived failures. I have a great deal of respect for the art of teaching and feel that my children's education should be a blend of both teacher and parent engagement. 



I did not want to run for this position. In fact, I tried to find any candidate but me and made any excuse to quiet those encouraging me. "I'm too busy, it's too stressful, it's hopeless." However, I feel that as a mother, citizen, and successful business owner, I am the more qualified person to win the At-Large School Board seat for this next three-year term. Unfortunately, over the last two years of involving and educating myself regarding the inner-workings of our school district it has become clear that we need parental engagement in our children's education now more than ever. Beyond the political missteps, the pandemic has shed light on the fact that modern public education is evolving and too often failing our children. I am here to fight for my kids -- and yours by bringing my unique talents, straight-talking and no nonsense attitude, and natural aptitude for systems efficiencies to the table. I will always be a voice for parents and will do everything within my jurisdiction to represent and not rule. As an undeclared voter, I am NOT a politician, I have ZERO political ambitions and you can count on the fact that I will NEVER be afraid to speak up even when it's unpopular. As a woman in her 40s, I gave up worrying about others' opinion of me long ago. I cannot do this alone -- I need you to step up and take a seat at the table. I need you to share this website, videos on social media, and to show up to vote for me on March 8th. Will you join me?

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